GDR Advisory Group Inc.

was formed in 2008 as a firm specializing in the completion of collateral field exams for asset based lenders (ABL).  GDR was formed by Sean Rai and Gino Di Petta.The experience of the two founding partners brings has brought an unprecedented level of expertise to the Canadian ABL and lender market. GDR is the only Canadian collateral examination firm whose principals have Field Examination, Account Management, Underwriting and Operations experience as employees of a Canadian ABL. Since 2008, GDR Advisory Group has been engaged to conduct field examinations for ABL lenders including Canadian Schedule A banks, American lenders, trust companies, alternative lenders as well as distressed lenders.


All examiners are fully proficient in field examinations of all collateral including, but not limited to systems, accounts receivable, inventory and accounts payable.  In addition, our group is a valued partner of the Special Loans and Situations departments of a number of lenders.

Asset Based Lending

While field examinations are a standard part of any asset based lending credit facility, GDR Advisory Group goes above and beyond…


Lender Monitoring

When circumstances require a lender to have their own set of eyes at a borrower’s place of business, GDR Advisory Group’s team is ready to help.


Inventory Count

GDR Advisory Group has a team dedicated to inventory count services.  Our team can be rapidly deployed to lead or assist in full physical counts.


GDR Team

Gino Di Petta

Gino provides due diligence  services for the asset based  lending  (ABL)  industry, working with lenders in Canada and the U.S.

Sean Rai

Sean works with Canadian and U.S. banks lenders, providing due diligence services with respect to borrower’s asset based lending (ABL) eligibility.

Jasmin Bhatia

Jasmin is a manager at GDR Advisory Group, working with Canadian and U.S. lenders to provide due diligence services.

Kal Choksi
Field Examiner

Kal is a seasoned field examiner at GDR Advisory Group having experience in the audit/field examinations.

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